The LP Starter Package

Jump into this booming industry quickly and cost-effectively with Cannabis Innovation Group’s unique LP Starter Package.

Our proprietary program gives you a turnkey, plug-and-play facility. The modular units come fully equipped with lighting, HVAC, fertigation, security plan, SOPs, storage, offices – everything you need to start growing.

Your units can be constructed and shipped in sections within 8 weeks, assembly takes as little as 48 hours for offices and one grow room, hook it up to water and hydro and you are ready to grow.

All that is required from you is the land, a pad and utilities. We look after the rest.

When the Canadian government passed Bill C-45 in 2018 to allow the sale of recreational cannabis, it led to a panic in the marketplace with a severe shortage of product.

Large Licensed Producers are building massive grow operations to quickly expand to meet demand. But most of these facilities are still years away from being ready to produce.

This has created an ideal opportunity for those who want to get to market quickly and efficiently.

Cannabis Innovation Group has partnered with Team Unicorn, the BC-based company that helped to design our LP Starter Package and fulfills construction and the outfitting of the units. Through their experienced team, we can guide you through the entire cannabis process. From propagation, cultivation and education all in a simple package for your benefit.


Grow Rooms

  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Easy and Affordable
  • Shipped to you
  • 25 years growing experience
  • 40 years construction experience

Market Value of Operation

Full Facility (4 flower rooms, 1veg room)

  • 5 crop cycles
  • 20 full-time employees
  • 3,000 lb annual production capability
  • $4.5 million potential annual production revenue
Grow Rooms


Sample LP Starter Kit Floor Plan

Our packages come with a full security package, offices, flower room(s), SOPS and Security Master Plan. Add additional flower, veg, clone and mom rooms in a scalable model so you can build as you grow. Connect up to 4 flower rooms and 1 veg room.

LP Starter Kit Floorplan

Build Out

You are producing and generating revenue quickly. The next decision is, do you want to build a larger facility or simply add modular units to maximize your growing footprint.

What we can provide:

  • Health Canada Licensed Producer Application
  • Design/Build
  • Compliance
  • SOPs
  • Security Master Plan
  • Security System Installation
  • Retail outlet (where applicable)

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Done-For-You Starter Package

Our LP Starter Build package is so simple, almost anyone could do it. And it’s very affordable. Within 48 hours you could be up and running, on your way to profits!

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Strategic solutions from Seed to Sale

Preferred Commerce, through its joint venture partnerships has begun to secure and obtain licenses and permits to put existing acres to work.

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