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Nano Emulsified CBD

Emulsification is the process of solubilizing either water into oil or for our Nano Emulsified CBD, oil into water.

Both processes are similar and simply refer to the major component of the solution; oil in the first case and water in our case.  The idea is to capture the oil (containing CBD) in small surfactant bubbles.  If these bubbles are small enough then they will remain suspended in water and be stable for a period of time depending on the size.  The smaller the size of these bubbles the more stable the solution will be over time.  “Nano” or “Nano-emulsified” solutions are simply solutions with very small bubbles suspended in water; 100 nanometer diameter = 0.00000001 meter diameter.  For comparison, the hemoglobin protein is approximately 5 nanometers in diameter.  So, we are making bubbles that are within the same size range as proteins in the human body.

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